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Welcome to the Internet usage website!



The following articles published on this website were written by "Terminale" pupils currently studying at the "Adrien Zeller" high School.

This website is to promote a proper use of the Internet.

Of course, everything is not totally negative about the Internet, so that things need to be qualified.


Here are a few questions which could be raised about the "Internet":

  • What are the advantages of the Internet?
  • What are the disadvantages of the Internet?
  • What about the dangers of the Internet? 
  • What measures one has to take when using the Internet?
  • Is the notion of "progress" -from a technological point of view- always positive? 






1- The advantages of the Internet


Article 1


Internet was created in 1969 by the American Department of Defence. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, Internet has largely opened to the general public and trade.

In our opinion, the first advantage is that the Internet is a library of knowledge; it is a great tool to learn things and search for information. But it is also a tool of distraction: with the Internet we can have fun, play, and watch films …

It is an excellent means of communication: it enables us to keep in touch with our friends and our contacts in the whole world, to speak with them in real time, to share our memories, our experiments, to make new friends. These communications sometimes give courage to certain timid teenagers who can express themselves thanks to social networks like Twitter, Facebook, What's App… We can also see that the Internet reinforces what we call freedom of speech. One could see the significant role played by the Net in the Arab revolutions against the tyrannical regimes of certain countries.

We increasingly speak about teleworking, remote formations, remote doctor’s visits, as many innovations have been made possible thanks to the Net. The Internet allowed the creation of a new form of trade -the “e-commerce”- which allows us to buy any article.  But it also makes you able to reach several online services like your bank for instance.

The Internet does not have limits and its influence does not cease increasing. We can find information for all possible subjects provided that we visit serious sites and take care to check the sources!


Chloé HUSER (TSTMG) & Clément Buonvino (TSTMG)


Article 2


According to the definition provided by Wikipedia, the Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks that uses the standard Internet protocol suite to serve several billion users worldwide.

The Internet was founded in 1969 in the USA. At the beginning, the Internet was named “ARPANET”, and was used in university centres and military’s installations.

The Internet was democratized after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. The Internet opened for the general public and commercial exploitation, but it was only at the beginning of the 21st century that each household started to be equipped with this technology.

After this presentation of the Internet, we are going to see what the advantages of the Internet are.

In a first place, we can get information in this system for ourselves, for school or for work; there are websites that can help children who have difficulties at school. The Internet has developed a very ludic side; for instance, it allows you to watch videos on YouTube, play games online... After a day of work, you can easily decompress and have fun.

In a second place, we can say that today, the Internet is the best way to communicate, it is easy to use and fast, and thanks to it you can share a lot of information all around the world. With the creation of the social networks like Facebook, Twitter or MySpace, you can keep in touch with friends or your family living abroad.

Finally, for many people who love fashion, the Internet is a perfect tool to order some shoes, dresses, shirts, anything we need. The only drawback is that orders online need some time to arrive at home!






2- The drawbacks of the Internet


Article 1


Despite the fact that the Internet is a useful tool with a lot of advantages, it can also constitute a real bad instrument because of many drawbacks that people often forget. It is necessary to speak about these disadvantages to avoid falling into the trap of the Web.


Firstly, there is a lot of wrong information on the Internet. Anyone can post anything and much of it is garbage, that’s why people rather use official websites for their research.


In the field of “wrong information”, we can add those people who are not the ones that we think they are. There are many people like this in chat rooms and sometimes they can be dangerous if you give them some personal details or worst if you meet them in the real life. We can speak about hackers, those people who steal information from you like your credit card number and use it to buy what they want. What’s more, they can send you some spams or viruses that can crash your system.


The fact that the youth spend their time on the Internet earlier and earlier is not a drawback, but it becomes one when parents don’t keep an eye on the screen to check what their children are doing. For example, pornography can fall in the hands of young children too easily, as other inappropriate websites. Furthermore, paedophiles and perverts can also be a threat for our children.


It is possible for Internet users to become addicted. That can constitute a drawback because it makes people more isolated due to their “cyber” life which becomes more important than their own “real” life. It is easy to waste your time on the Internet. Indeed you can start surfing, and then realize that far more time has passed than what you thought.


Finally there are a lot of unscrupulous businesses that have sprung up on the internet rip off people.


Eventually, the Internet is not the best friend of the modern human being. This tool needs to be used with precaution and we need to adopt a responsible attitude and have a clever use of the Internet.




Article 2


The Internet is a tool which connects millions of people everyday all around the world. The Internet contains some advantages, of course, but also drawbacks. Let’s see what they are…


When you are chatting on a social network for example, you cannot always know whom you are talking with due to the alias. So you may think you’re talking with a girl or a boy, who’s of the same age as you’re, and actually, it’s an old man, a bad person or a pervert. You can’t know because the person in question is not in front of you but behind a PC.


If you want to carry out some research, you must be careful. On the Internet, the information is not always reliable, everybody can put anything and everything on it. Some data are stupid or false, so to avoid that, you must check other websites in order to see if they are giving the same data.


Some people can become addicted, addicted to such an extent that they confuse “real life” and “online” life. It’s a real scourge because more and more teenagers spend all their time on social networks, online games and so on. In some cases friendships or families can be broken because an addict forgets them.


When you are surfing, the biggest drawback is the virus risk; they are often due to advertising which is invasive and decelerates your PC.


All the people who often use the Internet are lost when it does not work anymore. This reveals some form of dependence.


So using the Internet has become a habit and without this tool, it would be difficult to do all the things we are all days doing. The Internet is practical but we must pay attention to the drawbacks and keep the control of it.


Pauline FINCK (TES1) & Luc GROSS (TES1)




3- The dangers of the Internet


Article 1


The Internet has been –perhaps- one of the most outstanding innovations in the field of communication, in the history of mankind. As with every single innovation, the Internet has its own advantages and drawbacks.


The use of the Internet for banking, social networking, or other services, often makes our personal information vulnerable to theft. There are no foolproof ways to prevent names, account numbers, addresses, photos, and credit card numbers from being stolen or misused by thieving websites and individuals.


One of the most annoying problems with the Internet is the ease with which any malware can infect our computers. Internet users are often plagued by virus attacks that harm their computers and important files. Spam is dangerous not only because it is annoying, but also because it causes readers to miss more important messages. In addition, spam may also spread viruses, and they are likely to contain malicious offers from con artists.


Pornography and age-inappropriate content are perhaps the biggest danger of the Internet. The biggest problem with having the Internet is, its ability to create rifts between the real and virtual world. The virtual world can often seem so alluring that once hooked, going back to real life seems daunting and difficult.

Communication technology can lead to laziness. For example, instead of walking over to someone in the same room to strike up a conversation, you can send an instant message. Moreover, communication skills can be destroyed.


Young teenagers can fall into some predators’ traps. Cyber bullying refers to bullying and harassment of others by means of new electronic technologies, primarily the Internet. Young people can also make circulate nasty comments aiming at criticizing a person, by means of instant messaging, or by posting them on various websites. They often make it under a false identity. Besides, more and more young people are victims of intimidation. If you are a victims do not hesitate to get in touch with the headmaster or the nurse of your high school, they are there to listen to you. You can talk with paedophiles or perverts, who can usurp any identity!


The proliferation of games of chance and sites of bets on the Internet has raised the impressive number of young people who devote themselves to those types of games. It has become an addiction for teenagers. We can become a compulsive player and ruin our credit. The dependence on the Internet is a real danger!


Moreover, some people may get their eyes hurt by sitting for too long in front of their computer screen.


Anonymity on the Internet favours intimate revelations, and some predators use it to establish –quickly- a relationship based on trust with young people who are still lacking judgment and experience.


Young people represent the population the most exposed and the most targeted by predators of all kinds on the Net. The phenomenon is growing with the development of the mobile Internet. The subject is a topical question, that's why we decided to write this article! Be careful!  




Article 2


The Internet - we all know it. This virtual world symbolizes the paradise for people who want to learn, to improve their culture, to discover new domains and communicate. Unfortunately, as in real life, the Internet is also a world filled with dangers.


First, the Internet has become part of our life style and has become an addiction for some of us. The most affected by these dangers and this addiction are obviously young people. They fill forms of participation for contests or games; they give personal details about themselves to unknowns they meet in chats or when they register on some sites like Twitter and Facebook. This can make them meet people they don’t know and who may be pedophiles or perverts.


Moreover personal details you shared on the Internet might fall into wrong hands and it could turn against you. Games and competitions in which teenagers participate can also make them contract virus or spam. They can also be bullied and then isolated, and this can have serious consequences such as suicides...


The Internet is known as a giant search engine but according to the research, with what we are doing, we can fall on sites which have offensive content such as pornographic sites.


Finally, we must avoid sending hatred messages, threats or insults against others because it stays on the Internet and you can’t remove it! It could also turn against you. So parents, be vigilant and careful with the use of the Internet, and have a look at what your children do on the Internet!






4- The safety measures one has to take when using the Internet 


Article 1 


a)    Safety measures children have to take when using the Internet


·       Ask your parents' permission before using personal information on the Internet (full name, address, telephone number, credit card number, password or school name);

·       Tell them if you see something online that is wrong or makes you feel uncomfortable;

·       Don't respond to messages that make you feel uneasy or uncomfortable;

·       Never send out your picture without your parents' permission;

·       Never arrange to meet someone you've met online in person if your parents don’t come with you;

·       Decide with your parents the best time of day to be online and appropriate areas to visit.


b)   Safety measures everyone has to take when using the Internet 


·       Don't use lazy passwords. Instead, come up with a longer password that contains both letters and numbers, preferably referring to something significant only to you and never use the same password for different accounts;

·       Make sure you are using an anti-virus program, an anti-spyware program, and a firewall. These programs will guard your computer and will keep it safe against any hazardous attacks (virus...);

·       Always check for secure transaction information. The best companies will have many security devices in place. You may see a gold lock at the bottom of the page to indicate a secure site;

·       Take extra care on Social Networking sites! These sites attract all sorts of people and you can never guarantee someone is who they claim (unless of course you personally know them). Social networking sites allow people to see who you are, find out your personal details;

·       If your computer was hacked through the internet then all your information may have been compromised. Update your virus protection software and remove the virus. If important documents and information have been stolen or compromised, inform your bank or job accordingly. Report any crime to the police.









Pollyanna BALOUKA (TES1) & Valériane HUNSINGER (TSTMG)


Article 2


A teenager spends on average 26.9 hours per month on the Internet, especially on social websites like Facebook, Youtube or Instagram. They permit us to share and communicate with our friends and so on. But do you know that there are as many risks on the Web as in a dark street?

The Internet is the best tool for pedophiles, and people who want to hack into your computer or your bank card password. Nowadays, it’s important to take safety measures in order to reduce the dangers people face by using the Internet. We have to protect our children and ourselves from the virtual world. There are really simple recommendations to maximize our chances to be protected.


First of all, this is really advised to install an antivirus to detect for example Trojan horses. Moreover, it is recommended to make regular general analyses of your computer with an anti spam software to eliminate cookies and advertisings.

When you surf on the Internet, be sure to be on a reliable or locked page, especially when you want to make an on-line purchase. Being hacked into happens very frequently!


On the social networks, never give your entire name, you can use nicknames or assumed names. If you use your real name, only accept friends you know in real life. Be sure not to put closer details about you, like where you live, where you study or your phone number, this is very important. Furthermore, never chat with people you don’t know, instead of a 10-year-old boy, it could be a 35 year-old man with bad attentions.


Don’t forget not to give your password, even to your best friend or your family. Be sure to be the only one who can access your personal e-mails and information.

Finally, to protect your children on the Internet, you can install a parental control and set up a password on it. Then, it will be easier to keep an eye on them.


There are thus several forms of safety measures when we use the Internet, know it’s up to you to choose which one is the best.






5- Is the notion of progress -from a technological point of view- always positive?



Article 1 


Technological progress is the improvement of technologies, including organizational ones, which are used in a manufacturing process, or which are related to computer, military capabilities, medicine or transportation... Technological progress can contribute to scientific progress; that is to say, improve scientific knowledge, in a particular area. There's such a development of "new technologies" that we can speak about “technological revolution”.

Normally technological progress contributes to improving people’s living conditions. It has repercussions on other domains like sciences, military abilities, environment, and the labor world...


First of all we can speak about the advantages of the notion of progress from a technological point of view. What immediately comes to mind is that in a short lapse of time, computers, laptops, or smartphones were created with many other useless gadgets. Computers or smartphones are immediately associated to social networks and games. Of course we can’t forget the Internet! This is the only place where we can find everything we want and need. It's the biggest invention of the last century!


What would be the use of computers if the Internet did not exist? What would the world look like without all these innovations? Would it be so bad, after all? In fact, as we can see it also brings troubles. Technological progress creates inequalities between those who actually have new technologies and those who do not have them. It also creates a form of dependence on technology and especially social networks. You must know that because of social networks, everyone can be aware of your personal details. Finally the most annoying thing is that technology is constantly renewed, there’s always a new phone or a new computer more efficient than the one you’ve just bought one month ago.


Well, as we can notice, it is half-and-half and if we wanted to go further into our reasoning, we could ask ourselves what our world would be without all these technologies.


Tatiana FORTIN (TES1) & Lisa-Marie BAUER (TES1)


Article 2


Technology in itself is a progression, so it must have a positive usage. We find the perspectives of progress used, especially in the modern world, to give hope for a future innovation. We can notice that life is easier with all the new technologies like the Internet, and mobile phones, and it can also have impacts on the medical world.

Life is more comfortable because we can shop on the net without moving or we can discover a lot of songs, movies, or books. We can search for a lot of information on the net without buying books; “Google” is a new free encyclopedia in which we can find whatever we want. Studies are more reachable because a lot of universities post their lessons on their websites.

New smart phones are useful because we can see the weather, communicate with our family and we can upload a lot of applications like “Skype”, and with this free application, people can keep in touch with friends who live at the other end of the world.

Thanks to this innovation, people can win a lot of time; this time can be used to have fun with friends or to study.

On the other hand, technological progress can be harmful for people who use technological gadgets too much. Progress generates disadvantages in society, for instance dependence, because people don't need to think, everything can be done thanks to progress. For example, we can use a calculator to make mental arithmetic operations then we don't make our brains work anymore.

Moreover, due to progress, machines replace men in the world of work; then unemployment is increasing.

Eventually, progress is noxious for the environment because it is a source of pollution like cars with their exhausts for example.

All things considered, technological progress isn't always positive and has a negative impact from a social and environmental point of view; but still, we mustn't forget that this technological evolution is positive since it has improved our living conditions.


Julia MUHR (TES2) & Deborah CAMMISAR (TES1)


Article 3

Today, technological progress has an important role in our life: medicine, communication, information, transport etc. Internet, laptops, televisions, Smartphones - those are part the different forms of technological progress. Nowadays, technology has become an absolutely essential part in our lifestyle.

The Internet is a tool which enables us to communicate with people worldwide, to keep in touch with our friends through social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, to purchase various products (for example clothes, shoes, electronic devices...) not to waste too much time searching for a parking or walking from store to store, and finally to search for information rapidly.

Thanks to technological progress, we can save people's lives and cure a part of our body. For example: vaccines against cancers, blood diseases and better treatment owing to research. Indeed, the major medical advance is the artificial heart.

There are a lot of positive points but negative aspects do exist and there are maybe more of them than we know. Concerning the Internet, it can become an addiction, so can television, and so people could be dependent on it, especially children and teenagers. They are the most affected because they are fragile and gullible.

1, 6 billion people worldwide use social networks: they are very useful but they may have negative impacts: they affect youths' communication skills, your personal details might fall into wrong hands, hamper on students’ education and so on. Perverts, pedophiles, spamming, virus, pornography, cyber stalking and cyber bullying are the main dangers of the Web.

So, if you are a parent keep an eye on what your child is doing on the computer, install an antivirus software and parental control. And if you're a student or somebody else, you have to try to monitor your computer and your phone which are powerful tools.

To conclude, technological progress will always have an important role in our life because it enables us to move, to speak with people, to buy things, etc. It improves our standard of living. But it will also always have risks and consequences for us. Generally speaking, we can say that the notion of “progress”, from a technological point of view, isn't always positive.





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